Owner of SSH TEXTILE Company

Owner of SSH TEXTILE Company

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     THE OWNER     

The company was establish since year 1982 . The former owner , Mr.Goh , had long years of experience  in the textile industries . He started involving in the textile industries when he was just 18 years old . SSH which stands for  '' Sin Swee Heng " in chinese which means building success in empire . He built this empire successfully and made a mark of his company name throughout Malaysia.

His daughter , Sally Goh , is now the owner of the company for he had pass it down to her. He trained her how to run the the company from when she was young . Sally is intelligent , creative and a very pleasant person.She is very passionate about textile where she knows her way around the materials , the designs and gets creative with the colors .Sally took over the company after graduating from University and had more than 10 years of experience in the textile industries . From the colors and the design will be decided by her with high in quality .

" I would like to give the very best of quality
 and exclusivity of the fabric to my customer " Sally

Her aim is to give a one of a kind design ,limited edition for her customer so the fabric will give its meaning of an outstanding fabric . The price of the fabric are reasonable , plus , the design and colors follows the modern now fashion trend .

Syarikat ini ditubuhkan sejak tahun 1982. Bermula dari, Mr.Goh, pemilik syarikat , mempunyai pengalaman  tentang industry tekstil . Beliau terlibat dalam industry sejak berumur 18 tahun . SSH yang bermaksud '' Sin Swee Heng "dalam bahasa cina yang bermaksud membina kejayaan dalam empayar. Beliau telah membina empayar ini  dengan berjaya dan membuat tanda nama syarikatnya di seluruh Malaysia.

Anak perempuannya, Sally Goh, kini adalah pemilik syarikat itu . Beliau dilatih oleh bapanya bagaimana untuk menjalankan syarikat  ketika beliau  masih muda. Sally adalah seorang yang bijak, kreatif dan peramah orangnya .Beliau dipenuhi dengan minat tentang tekstil , dari segi designnya , warnanya dan kualitinya. Beliau mengambil alih syarikat itu selepas menamatkan pengajian di Universiti dan mempunyai lebih daripada 10 tahun pengalaman dalam industri tekstil. Dari warna dan reka bentuk akan diputuskan oleh beliau dengan berkualiti tinggi.

"Saya ingin memberikan kain yang terbaik, berkualiti
 dan eksklusif  kepada pelanggan saya " Sally

Matlamat beliau adalah untuk memberikan reka bentuk yang unik, beredisi terhad untuk pelanggan beliau. Harga kain tersebut adalah berpatutan, malah, reka bentuk dan warna mengikut trend fesyen sekarang .

Sally is matching colors into the desin in Korea





It all started from her grandfather where he was the first to involve in the textile business . Mr.Goh , Sally's father , who then built a company in the textile industry business . He was a wise and a determine man .A hardworking and a loving father where he shares all of his experience in the industry life and taught Sally a word of wisdom ,

"success will come if you are hardworking fill with passion"

These phrase is still practiced in the company, it is what thrives Sally to expand her business

It was never easy to maintain the company business , filled with obstacles and hardship , but Sally had confidence that she will handle it well.Due to when she was younger , she was exposed in the business knowledge and experience where her father shared all the ideas and experience . Went on business trip and gave knowledge on how to compare between a good and a bad quality , designs and about color trends .Plus , she love textile , passionate about the graceful flows fill with pattern design and colors . She loves to run the company to gain even better success . 

Semuanya bermula dari datuknya di mana beliau adalah orang pertama yang terlibat dalam perniagaan tekstil. Mr.Goh, bapa Sally, yang kemudian membina sebuah syarikat dalam perniagaan industri tekstil. Beliau adalah seorang yang bijak dan tekun .Dan seorang bapa yang penyayang di mana beliau berkongsi semua pengalamannya dalam industri dan mengajar Sally .Kata-kata beliau ,

"Kejayaan akan datang jika anda bekerja 
dengan rajin diisi penuh  semangat"

frasa ini masih diamalkan dalam syarikat , kata-kata itu  membuat Sally mempunyai keinginan untuk membesarkan perniagaannya

Mengekalkan perniagaan syarikat itu bukanlah sesuatu yang mudah, penuh dengan halangan dan kesusahan, tetapi Sally mempunyai keyakinan bahawa beliau  akan mengendalikan dengan baik.Ketika beliau masih muda, beliau didedahkan dengan pengetahuan perniagaan dan pengalaman bapanya ,dikongsi semua idea-idea dan pengalaman. 

Seterusnya , pergi  menjelajah perniagaan ke luar negara dan belajar tentang  ilmu pengetahuan mengenai cara untuk membandingkan antara yang baik dan kualiti yang tidak baik, reka bentuk dan mengikut  trend warna .Tambahan, dia suka tekstil, bersemangat tentang aliran anggun kain  diisi dengan reka bentuk corak dan warna. Belia suka akan mengendalikan  syarikat itu untuk mendapat kejayaan yang lebih baik.


Sally concentrating on designs and colors of 2017



The fashion world is endless. Every day, new designs , new colors are blossoming. Fashion designers also eagerly seeking inspiration , brainstorming that meets customer's expectations. Despite such great invention of designs, the best material are the sheet of fabric used. SSH Textile has started retracing name since year 1982. Now they are more active than ever with more fabric collections and following the passage of time.

Located in Taman Shamelin, Kuala Lumpur, SSH Textile monumental warehouse. A warehouse that collects hundreds of rolls of fabric to be the focus of many loyal customers. In fact, SSH TEXTILE is not isolated from receiving new customers from around Malaysia .

"SSH never miss out a pattern and fabric of the latest material to penetrate the wider market. In fact, as a wholesaler of fabrics, we always maintain the quality of products produced. In addition, SSH is also produced in small quantities so that the quality is easier kept and not 'ruins' the exclusivity of the fabric. "Said Sally Goh, chairman Textile SSH.

"Almost six years to master SSH, we are now focusing more on the Malay market. If we ever  are focusing on the customers of the Chinese but by the passage of time, the demand for custom fabrics for dress and head scarves are rising. To meet customer needs, we offer fabrics like lycra and chiffon much more than the first. "

Remarkable SSH TEXTILE

Inherit the family business, Sally always care for her customers. As a successor of the third generation, Sally wanted to bring the name of SSH Textile further and expand her business empire.

"We aim to conquer markets throughout Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. In fact, right now we already have regular customers in Sabah and Sarawak. For the convenience of customers, we offer free shipping around the Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, including Puchong and Kajang. If there is damage, we will replace it with a new one but the customer must be honest. "

"As a wholesaler, we sell to customers roll after roll. Quantity roll of fabric is limited so that their quality can be preserved. Whenever there is a new fabric design, our own will contact the customer so that they can know what is the latest in storage. Good relationship between customers very well preserved so that we can establish business relationships for the long term. In fact, we are also willing to accept their ideas and opinions in terms of patterns and fabric types. There are also customers who asked us according to the requirements of their customers such as custom-made fabrics. From that idea, we will pass on information to the designers in Korea to meet the aspiration of the people of Malaysia. There are also designs that come out of the Korean market and brought to Malaysia. "

SSH fabric sheet

Looking to the SSH Textile factory in Taman  Shamelin , fabric is composed of rolls of various patterns and material. Name anything, cotton, chiffon, crepe chiffon and lace, everything is here. The price is also reasonable.

Lycra fabric sales is the popular one due to receiving an increasing of demand .  To enable customers to make a lot more options, we find more ideas for design patterns. Still, we maintain the quality and the quantity produced is also limited to keep customers exclusivity. Small quantities make sales faster, and we can also offer the more recent pattern to them.

"Chiffon crepe is also our choice here because it's more unique and beautiful than others. Recently, we introduce lycra acetate from natural fibers. Fabrics which are more comfortable certainly will be a priority towards customers. In SSH, we not only sell fabrics to make a profit, but we are more concerned with a business deal with customer relations. According to the philosophy of Tiong Hua, honesty in transactions at the core of the success of a business. We also share tips and experiences to customers before they start making choices and purchases."


Office Outlook


Office Inside




Gudang penyimpanan kain dijaga baik oleh pekerja kami supaya kain yang dijual kepada pelanggan kami adalah kain yang berkualiti dan terbaik. Terdapat beberapa buah bilik yang dikhaskan untuk menyimpan kain.




  STORE - 4


Sales Room 

Gudang jualan kami merupakan bilik yang dikhaskan kepada pelanggan untuk memilih pelbagai jenis kain yang dijual supaya pelanggan yang datang dapat merasa sendiri ciri ciri kain yang dimahukan. 


Various Types of  Fabrics

Pelbagai Jenis Kain

Welcome to SSH Textile! Feel free to contact us should you have any inquiries. We serve with smiles :)

    • We Shipping all the Countries. In Malaysia we use few ways to sending fabrics.
        For other Country can use by Truck, by Sea, by Air Transportation.